Luxtera’s silicon photonics technology transforms

how the world connects through fiber optics


The LUX42604 QSFP optical modules are faceplate
pluggable optical transceivers, that meet the 100G
(4x26G) PSM4 MSA technical specifications.

The LUX42604 delivers full performance up to
25.78 Gbps per channel.

Silicon Photonics brings optics into CMOS

enabling advanced interconnect design

with unparalleled performance and cost.

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optical transceiver product markets


Luxtera’s optical transceiver products enable customers to build the advanced networks required across hyper-scale data centers, enterprises, and mobile infrastructure deployments.

The insatiable demand for data in modern computing applications has driven network architects to seek out optical interconnect solutions that meet their requirements for massive bandwidth while also satisfying the need for long reach, high reliability, and aggressively priced optics. Luxtera’s silicon photonics based transceiver solutions enable data center architects to build the networks they need at scale.

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optical transceiver products


Luxtera designs and manufactures high-speed front panel and embedded optical transceiver devices based on our industry leading silicon photonics technology platform.

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optical transceiver technology


Luxtera’s silicon photonics technology allows the construction of complex optical systems in production CMOS processes – the same processes currently used for building VLSI circuits. Luxtera has designed, fabricated and tested a complete suite of photonic elements that, when combined with high speed digital circuits, enable the delivery of a broad range of disruptive interconnect products.

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